Custom Installations & Accessories

Dash Reconstruction To Fit Double Din Radios
Fiberglass Boxes, Dash, & Door Panels
Sealed, Ported, and Bandpass Subwoofer Boxes
Center Consoles
Kick Panel Speaker Enclosures
Amp Racks
Liner Actuator Installation - Amp Racks, Trunks, Hoods, Etc
Heated Seats

Factory Radio Add Ons

Sirius and XM
Mp3 Adapters
Mp3 Player
Replacement Speakers or Add Additional Speakers
Add A Subwoofer To Your Factory System

Installation Accessories

Dash Kits, Wiring Harnesses, and Antenna Adapters
Amp Power Kits - 0/1Ga, 4Ga, 8Ga
High Quality Rcas - 1.5ft - 20ft Lengths
Distribution Blocks and Fused Distribution Blocks
High Current Car Audio Batteries and Capacitors
Fuses and Fuse Holders - Anl, Manl, Maxi, Agu
Speaker Wire - 18Ga, 16Ga, 14Ga, 12Ga
Speaker Grills
High Amp Alternators
Dash Mount Subwoofer Control
Steering Wheel Control Adapter
Neon and Led Under Glow KIts
Interior Accent Lighting
H.I.D Head Light Kits
Led Replacement Bulbs
Radar Detectors - Windshield Mount and Concealed Dash Mount
Back-Up Sensors
Replacement Mirrors - Temperature, Compass, Back-Up Camera Screen, OnStar

Harnesses for Bluetooth® car kits

These vehicle-specific harnesses let you add a Bluetooth cell phone kit to your car without cutting any wires.

iPod® Adapters for Factory Radios

Similarly, if we have one of these adapters for your car, you can play music from your iPod or iPhone® over the factory stereo and charge the device's battery, too.

Auxiliary input adapters

One of these adapters will let you add an auxiliary input to your factory stereo so that you can play music from nearly any external device.

Replacing your factory speakers is just the beginning of what you can do to get top-notch sound with a factory radio. Here are some options that are designed to integrate seamlessly into your car.

Factory system upgrades

These items include amplifiers and powered subwoofers, most of which are designed to install in an out of the way spot in your vehicle. They'll give you drastically improved sound without taking up any valuable space.

Custom subwoofer boxes

Here you'll find our full selection of custom-fit subwoofer enclosures. They have high-quality subwoofers already installed — some even have amplifiers built-in — and are all designed to fit in specific vehicles. They won't take up any valuable cargo space but will fill your car with full-bodied bass that your factory system lacks.

Sound processors for factory radios

These sound processors let you add external amplifiers to your factory radio. What makes them special is that they let you remove the pre-programmed factory sound settings and tune your audio system the way you like it, while sending a clear signal to your amps.

Vehicle-specific amps & processors and vehicle-specific amp interfaces

These items give you an easy way to replace the amp in a premium factory system. You'll get a clean signal for your amps and improved sound overall, especially if you also replace the factory speakers.