Security Solutions

Alarm System
Alarm System with Remote Start
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
Pager System
Cell Phone Mobile App (Drone)
Gps Tracking
Add On Sensors - Proximity, Shock, Glass Breakage, Tilt
Window Roll Up And Down Module
Sunroof Open And Close Module
Convertible Top Close (Vehicle must open and shut without having to manually unlatch or latch top)

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With today’s technologies, you can control your vehicle remotely. You can start your vehicle, secure and monitor it, even see where it’s going. No one likes climbing into a car that is freezing cold in the winter or scorching hot in the summer. Our Remote Start systems allow you to start your vehicle from the inside comfort of your home or workplace.

If you want to protect your vehicle and its contents, we carry high-security Car Alarms (some available with Remote Start). We offer a wide variety of options, from easy-to-use basic set-ups to Remote Starts and Alarms that use your smart-phone to start your car or notify you of break-ins.

Car Alarm Systems

Most vehicles nowadays have a factory security system built into them. If you open the doors without using the proper key, the car starts honking and it disconnects the starter. That’s pretty much it. Some folks want better protection than that. Our alarms cover more than just a door being opened without a factory key. Some of the additional sensing devices available on our auto security systems can include:

Shock Sensors
Dual-Zone Proximity Sensors
Tilt Sensors
Trunk and Hood Pin Switches

Remote choices for our car alarms include 4-button, 2-Way and smartphone control. All of our alarms include the convenience of the keyless entry (if the vehicle is equipped with power locks). Many alarms are also equipped with a remote start.